Light & Lighting was created in 1989 by late Mr. K.K. Mathew. He pioneered to be the first lighting company in Bangalore situated outside of the lighting market. He opened his first store on Jeweller’s Street off Commercial Street and thus started expanding his business. Mr. K.K. Mathew made it his duty to ensure that the citizens of Bangalore received top-notch quality products for a reasonable price, and also ensured to provide his customers with 100% satisfaction and compliance.
Mr. Kurian Mathew advanced the company a step further when in year 2000, he moved the lighting company to a 5000 square feet store on K. Kamaraj Road. During this period, Light & Lighting was predominantly one of the largest lighting stores in Bangalore
Within 2-3 years, Light & Lighting was well-known throughout Bangalore as a lighting company that delivered excellence to all its customers. In 2006, Light & Lighting opened another branch on Outer Ring Road, Banaswadi, which is now the Corporate office and main store. In 2009, the third store was opened to cater to Kalyan Nagar customers.
The vision with which Mr. K.K.Mathew created this firm still runs strong in his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, who now have dedicated their services to focus on providing their customers with superior products at reasonable and wholesale price. To get the best lighting deal visit our showrooms, where we will be of first-hand assistance to you. For further information call us at +91 9886427340, +91 9739965749 or e-mail us at